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Do you expect your website to be found by potential customers,

 if it is not even listed on the Search Engines?

Business owners and marketers must realize that this is a transition that they must adapt to, and not lose out in the current digital marketing trend.

Getting your website at the top of Google Results Page will definitely boost your brand visibility, and thereby generating leads.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not a task performed merely over the weekend. It is done over months, spanning up to a year or even two.

If you don’t start now, you are already lagging behind your competitors!

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There is no “One-Size-Fits-All” solution for SEO campaigns.

Every business has different target market, different competitors, and different keywords.

The estimated time given for the results of SEO campaign is applicable for most small-medium local business owners who want to establish their presence in their local market.

The difficulty of keywords to be ranked for the SEO campaign will be the major deciding factor for the estimated time of delivery.

Within 3 Months: Gaining visibility on Search Engines
3 - 6 Months: Page 1 Listing on Google Search Result Page
6 - 12 Months: Top 3 Listing on Google Search Result Page
1 Year and more: Continuous SEO efforts & digital marketing


Authority is built through time & effort. External links to your website, domain age, social shares are some metrics that affect your website’s authority. To build authority, creating new contents such as articles & videos, and interacting with users through various social media platforms is essential.

What’s my website AUTHORITY?


To optimize your website, the keywords & contents must be relevant to your website. A specific long-tail keyword could better target the local niche market than a general keyword. Proper keyword analysis & content creation is very crucial to your SEO campaign.

Google Analytics & Keyword Planner.


“Trust takes years to build, seconds to break and forever to repair.” This statement applies to the SEO world too. Website trust is built on domain age, website traffic and frequency of content updates. Warning: Your website will be penalized if you betray the trust Google gave you!

Is my website PENALIZED?

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Keyword Analysis

Before starting any SEO campaign, it is vital to identify the keywords that you would want to rank for.

Do you want to rank for “Chinese restaurant in Singapore”? There are 8 million search results & 1600 monthly search for this keyword! The number implies that if you manage to rank your keyword on the top page of Google, you will have 1600 people who have ‘glanced’ over the name of your restaurant.

However, we must also consider that such keywords are hard to rank on Google, and we must choose ‘long-tail keywords’. These keywords are more than 3-4 words and are very specific to the service or product that you are selling. One example could be: “delicious Chinese restaurant below $10”. This keyword has only 2 million search results, which means that you have less competition to rank over such targeted keywords.

We will assist you in identifying a list of keywords that are relevant to your website, and choose the ones that have high search volume, and at the same time easily ranked on Google.

On-Page Optimization

The technical part of SEO, on-page optimization can be split into 2 parts:
(1) Cleaning up the website code, and (2) Page speed optimization.

First, we will check if your website can be properly ‘seen’ by Google. This is called crawling and is an automatic process carried out by Google’s bots every second of the day. Bots will judge the website: for relevancy in content, proper tagging of titles, backlinks that are working, the existence of duplicate contents, and the list goes on. These bots will determine if your website is ‘genuine’ enough to be ranked on the search results page!

Second, we will check your website’s loading speed. According to this study, 57% of prospect viewers will abandon the site if it doesn’t loads in 3 seconds! What if we could reduce your load speed less than that?

There are many ways we can do that, some methods are: browser caching, routing website through CDN (Content Delivery Network), gzip compression, image compression, etc. Let us assist you in accelerating your website!

Link Building

So how does your website gets ranked higher on Google?

Through links! Every page has a ‘score’ defined by Google, where these ‘score juice’ is passed to other websites through links. i.e. The more popular and authoritative the website is, the links that come from the website matters more.

We will create articles and contents that will market your brand & product. These contents are then submitted across to other relevant websites, forums, directories, blogs, press releases, etc.  And as these contents get published on these websites, some of the external links will point back to your website.

As your website continue to gain backlinks, we will be able to see an improvement in the website’s ranking results on Google. (This will not be an overnight process.)

Social Media Shares

Contents shared through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and every other social media platform….are Social Shares.

Search engines treat these shares differently from the links, but they still play a part in the ranking process. It’s obvious that it would be beneficial for your content to be shared by highly influential profiles with massive social followers. The effect will be exponential if your great content gets shared across to other followers!

Therefore social media shares are closely related to content creation, as great contents lead to viral sharing and natural linking. Brand videos that showcase your website could also be published on YouTube that would also lead to Social Shares!

Traffic Creation

Traffic is the number of visitors visiting your website in a period of time. We will provide drip feed traffic every day to ensure that your website receives a certain amount of user traffic.

You can check your current website’s Global Rank here.

Pinging & Indexing

Pinging involves sending a signal to the Search engine that the content has been updated, and the Search engine adds the page to their database, which is called indexing.

We will ensure that the updated contents and links for your websites are always ‘noticed’ and ‘updated’ by Google, and hence gain greater visibility.