Glut It - Video Process

Imagine the number of customers lost if you market your brand/product solely through content marketing.

60 hours of video are uploaded every minute, or one hour of video is uploaded to YouTube every second.
Over 4 billion videos are viewed a day.
Over 800 million unique users visit YouTube each month.
Over 3 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube.

To bring your marketing strategy to the next level, video marketing is essential.

And we have seen from time to time that viral videos shared through such medium can make a brand into a famous one in one night. (ALS Ice Bucket ChallengeGoPro, ModCloth, Rokenbok Toys)

Attractive visuals and audios used can captivate viewers and convert them into potential customers.

Branded video is a trend that will continue to make new waves in the coming years.

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